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Sandi Vogel Laratonda

I am an Adult Indigo with a deep connection to Indigo, Crystal Children and CREATIVITY! I open up your Chakras by teaching you how to reconnect with the version of you that has been buried by societal expectations. This is best accessed through creativity, a modality that is encouraged when we are children but squashed as we get older. I am highly intuitive and clairsentient. I get a lot of my information through feelings and having a deep knowing about something. I am a psychic medium and use the skill when needed which is usually when Source tells me to. I am an Intuitive Chakra Artist and I connect to your energy field, read and balance your chakras while simultaneously creating a unique piece of art specifically for you and your energetic needs. I am Priestess in HOL, a Lightworker certified with Hands of Light, a Master Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker, a Crystal and Color Therapy Expert, an Oracle Card reader, and also 20 year activator of Indigo and Crystal Children.

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